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CARBON BATHS [ Medical cure ]


are provided in bi - mantle, purpose - made baths from high - quality stainless steel in pleasant environment of bath cubicles. Cold mineral water with high concentration of carbon dioxide is poured into the baths. Mineral water is heated with steam right in the baths. This practice assures maximum efficiency of the bath, when carbon dioxide is extricated from natural mineral water by rapid warming. The extricated carbon dioxide affects curatively during carbon bath.

Temperature of the bath is 34 - 35°C. Absorption of carbon dioxide and its effect cause dilatation of blood - vessels in skin and subcutis, which is apprehended as a feeling of warmth. The bath is very pleasant.

It influences blood vessel circulation, acts in relaxation and sedative way. It also touches skin receptors, lowers itching reflection and feeling of pain. Blood pressure descends during the bath, artery pulse rate begins to be lower and work of the heart is easier, because it is not tasked with temperature. Absorbed carbon dioxide supports the activity of breathing centre in brain.

Indication for cure by carbon baths:
  • ischaemic disease of extremities, vazoneurosis
  • disorders of brain blood flow, migraines, Menier ´s syndrome
  • arterial hypertension
  • blood vessel insufficiency, varicose veins
  • ischaemic heart disease, angina pectoris
  • states after heart attack, valve defects
  • spastic bronchitis, pneumoconiosis, silicosis
  • degenerative disease of motion apparatus
  • neurological indication


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