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CLASSICAL MASSAGE [ Medical cure ]


Is a mechanotherapeutistic instrument. The objective of the massage is to influence local and total conditions, difficulties and changes caused by diseases, injuries, or a stress, eventually it has a preventive purpose. It improves physiological distribution in organism, strengthens health and improves general level of immunity.

Classical massage is carried out by qualified personnel (medical masseurs) specially trained for working in medical sphere.

Local results of a massage:

  • accelerated elimination of external cornified layers of skin and normalizing of tension of the skin
  • By friction the grain veins and lymphatic paths get better emptied
  • Supporting of better absorption of oncoides, exudations and bloody haemorrhages
  • improvement of muscle activity
  • Reducing sensitivity to pain
  • improvement of tissue functionality and sustenance (trophicity) of muscles

Distant effects of a massage:

  • Change of blood circulation, improved function of deep embedded organs and tissues

General effects of a massage:

  • Creation of biologically active substances (amines)
  • change of vegetative balance, increase of metabolism
  • change of inner environment and of functionality of glands with inner secretion
    stimulating effect to body efficiency in general
  • influence on condition of the central nerve system that retroactively influences peripheral organs and their function.

Indications for classical massage treatment:

  • traumatogenic stages and surgical stages
  • chronical rheumatic diseases
  • diseases of blood circulation and vessels
  • chronical diseases of respiratory apparatus
  • chronical congestion functional nerve disorders
  • one-sided or both-sided paralysis of limbs
  • reconvalescention after heavy diseases
  • conditions after physical exhaustion and muscle fatigue


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