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Belongs to the curing methods that use natural sources for treatment used in patients suffering from upper and lower respiratory path diseases. Apart from natural mineral water incl. Vincentka we use for inhalation a number of curative solutions (e.g. salt mixtures with bronchodilatical effect).

Inhalators that we use are produced by the Czech company of Alfamedic from České Budějovice. By means of medical pressurized air the inhalation solution is sucked from the can by under pressure and sprayed by overpressure with a nozzle against the round surface. The smashed solution creates necessary inhalation aerosol.

Results of inhalation treatment:

  • humectation of mucosa of respiratory apparatus for protection against drying and condensing the secret
  • liquidation and releasing of the drying secret, improvement of expectoration
  • acceleration of local metabolism
  • inhibition or acceleration of gland mucosa secretion
  • neutralization of acid reaction of inflamed mucosa together with calming down the pain
  • inhibition of irritating reaction, inhibition of a need to cough
  • removal of spasm of bronchial muscle
  • removal of oncoides of bronchial mucosa by means of inhibiting the local over blooding

Indications for inhalation treatment:

  • prevention from diseases of respiratory apparatus
  • infections and allergic diseases of respiratory system in chronical stage
  • physical and chemical damage of bronchial mucosa
  • traumatogenic states of respiratory system
  • need to eliminate excitability of the vegetative nerve system in asthmatics
  • chronically dry respiratory paths and athrophical inflammmation of various etiology
  • surgical conditions after minor surgeries of bronchial paths (extraction of polyps, benign growths, operation of nasal partition, removal of concretion of nasal mucosa)
  • surgical tates after major surgery of rounded respiratory paths (chin, sinuses, rhinopharynx)
  • osphresis disorders caused by heavy changes of the mucosa
  • ozenas, mucoviscidosis, pneumoconiosis, asthma bronchiale, lung mycosis


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