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GROUP EXERCISING [ Medical cure ]


  • Group exercising - C
Exercising in groups marked by letter C is breathing gymnastic that is performed in sitting position on chairs. It consists of summary of particular breathing exercises focused to natural rhythm of breathing in coordination with some movements of certain groups of muscles that improve the moveability of the chest.

Exercises are aimed at deep breath, type of breathing, increase of difference between inspiratory and expiratory position of the chest. Exercising configurations are coordinated with exercises of groups of muscles of the upper limb muscle braid and trunk together with exercising the lower limb muscles. Movement caused by the above mentioned muscles must be coordinated with particular periods of the cycle while helping them at the same time.

Emphasis is put on the training of midriff breathing as the midriff participates on 40 - 60 % of the overall breathing activity, which we can implicitly see on the achieved value of vital lung capacity (that is the amount of air expirated after the maximum inspiration).

  • Group exercising - B
At the B marked group exercising we also exercise a breathing gymnastic keeping all the rules as at the previous one. Here we add some exercises to strengthen stomach muscles and to balance training.


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