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BRÜGGER CONCEPT [ Medical cure ]


Functional disorders are caused by crooked, hunched, and other poor postures together with indisposed charge of muscles that are not sufficiently shape able. As the result of that a number of muscles find themselves continuously in shortened condition losing their ability to shape up in normal manner.

At the treatment of functional diseases of locomotive organs the main role is played by two procedures:
  • Patient has to learn systematically how to keep the correct body position and how to use and load the spine, as well as lower and upper limbs together with corresponding groups of muscles.
  • Their shortened muscles need to be acquitted from the shortage and unnatural loads so that they do not deflect from the correct body posture.

The role of physiotherapeustists is to explain the patient the basic healthy posture and to show how they can actively participate to their recovery.

Physiotherapy in terms of learning how to act at functional disorders of locomotive organs according to Dr. A. Brügger is within our premises carried out by diplomed Brügger-therapeutists.


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