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BIOPTRONO LAMP [ Medical cure ]


A source of healing biostimulating heat working on a principle of light polarization radiated from a halogen bulb. Its radiation is polychromatic, i.e. it radiates within wide range of light spectrum. The ultraviolet component of this light is filtered out. The light works not only against the surface, but it also enters deep into the tissue to the depth of 1-2,5 cm.

Due to the use of biolamp so called stimulation effect appears. Under this we understand start-up and supporting procedures that already run on the level of the own cells, inhibition of pathological and degenerative process in these cells, acceleration of metabolism without accumulation of waste substances, supporting a formation of necessary cell active substances, or on the contrary, inhibition of formation of substances accompanying pathological stages, increasing activity of macrophages necessary for successful healing of wounds, evocating the fibroblasts to activity, which are basic for healing procedures of skin onlays and scars.

Indications for biolamp treatment:
  • dermal diseases (eczema, herpetic diseases, acne, ulcus cruris etc.)
  • surgical scars, oncoides, reflective changes
  • biostimulation for modulation of pain in the mucha, at injuries, locomotive organs disorders
  • stomatologic diseases, cosmetic indication


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