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The Šumperk International Folklore Festival [ Folklore festival FoS CZ ]

International Folklore Festival I.O.V. Sumperk, CZECH REPUBLIC

Sumperk - colorful town in foothills of Jeseniky mountains, the town rich in green, parks, nice streets and alleys flowers once a year by folk songs, dances and music as the most beautiful posy. Nearly for one week in half of September it becames to be a meeting place for hundreds of members from various folklore groups.

It changes into a big scene with musicians, singers and dancers from all over the world performing all the time. Annually growing attendance of individual events reflects a big interest of public in folk culture, which shows them various life in countries of the all continents. Some friendships, not only between groups members, but also between the general public, are often growing up throw the folk songs, music, dances and customs. These friendships very often lasts into the far future.

In its duration, has Sumperk´s festival rated among the most important festivals in the Czech Republic.


MFF Šumperk
Libuše Drtilová
Růžová 458
789 69 Postřelmov
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 583 437 157
fax: (+420) 583 437 157


INFORMATION: http://www.fos.cz

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